Titon Supports Clean Air Day

Titon’s background is one that manufactures and supplies ventilation systems and window and door hardware. Ranging from background ventilators and window opening hardware, suitable for aluminium, timber and PVCu windows and doors, through to whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems. Titon has a wide and diverse range of products within its portfolio.

The core nature of Titon’s business is about improving overall indoor air quality and our ventilation range includes a wide variety of products which are effective in reducing pollutants in the home, improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reducing the risk of Toxic Home Syndrome.

With outdoor air pollution constantly being in the news and highlighted in the trade journals it is always important to try and make changes where possible. It’s estimated that *40,000 deaths a year are linked to air pollution in the UK and now people are finally taking notice and trying to do something about it. This and many other reasons are why Titon looked at Clean Air Day to make a difference. The aim to help educate our staff on the issues of air pollution in its Sales & Marketing Division in Colchester, which can only help the local community with regard to air pollution.

Clean Air Day, is a drive to help the public find out more about the issues surrounding air pollution and how they can make a difference. It’s a movement where thousands up and down the country took part in events, personal pledges, walking to work instead of driving – and many more.

For the 21th June 2018 Titon embarked on empowering its staff in Colchester to come up with pledges by walking or cycling to work or changing their weekly work pattern. The response was fantastic and a number of staff took part.

The following staff contributed:
Tyson Anderson (Sales and Marketing Director) – Cycled to work (Hadleigh) 25 miles round trip.
Julian Wiseman (Sales Director) – Cycled from home (Woodbridge) 60 miles round trip.
Nigel Smith (Drawing Administration Manager) – Cycled to work (Colchester) 6 mile round trip.
James Griffiths (Marketing Manager) – Cycled to work (Brightlingsea) 25 miles round trip.
Robin Gardner (Project Manager) & Paul De Silva (Sales Office Manager) – Car Sharing.
Reshad Al Rabeh (Systems Technician, IT) – Cycled to work (Colchester) 3 mile round trip.
Tanya Moad (Marketing Assistant) Cycled to work (Colchester) 1 mile round trip.
Mick Webb (Technical Support (Aluminium)) – Cycled to work (Layer) 18 miles round trip.
Paul Rickward (Ventilation Systems Designer Supervisor) – Walked to work, 10 mile round trip.
Franklin Vargas (Ventilation Systems Designer) – Walked to work, (Colchester) 5 mile round trip.
Chris Wyatt and Sue Holby (Administrators) – Used public transport instead of driving.

When looking at what the staff have contributed, you can see how much it makes a difference:
“Combined we saved 8.5hrs of driving and approx. 56kg of CO2 pollution in just one day…. That’s equivalent to 56 baths filled with CO2” stated Tyson Anderson Titon’s Sales and Marketing Director.

The response within the company went exceptionally well, respect for those that took part and food for thought of people who were unable this year. Titon plan to do this again in 2019 and will continue to look at how it can reduce its contribution to air pollution.

Since Clean Air Day, it’s been decided by the board to change the working hours of the Colchester Office. Normal times were 8.30 am – 5.00 pm, this led to a build-up of traffic on the business estate where Titon are situated. With cars leaving at the same time from different companies, there is a heavy build-up of traffic and this meant a higher level of emissions from cars leaving their place of work. By changing Titon’s working hours by only 15 minutes (8.15 am – 4.45 pm) it allowed Titon not to be part of the 5pm ‘mad’ rush as it’s been called and resulted in less cars at peak times therefore reducing emissions. Feedback from the business park is this has eased the burden of other companies within that area.

Titon have always been always been concerned about air quality, whether inside a building or outside. Clean Air Day was a fantastic way of getting unity within the UK and one that Titon were very proud to contribute to. Internal staff have been educated and some have changed their travel to work patterns since, it’s also allowed the management to look and consider the company’s current situation and allowed changes for the greater good. This has benefited the local community and has allowed people within Titon to make a difference.

*Air Pollution deaths – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35629034