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The following points can can be used as a guide: The uses of the product and its applications; Key technological features Energy efficiency advantages; How it compares in cost to competitive units as well as the lifetime running costs and payback period; If any, what are the environmental issues the product addresses?; Features that simplify installation and maintenance; Target market and what sets this product apart from its competitors.

The following points can can be used as a guide: Details of the project; How the project demonstrates innovation in the field; Details of any new technology or other unique attributes of the project; Potential cost savings over conventional technology; Health and safety aspects affecting the technology (if any); Environmental or sustainable benefits; Customer satisfaction.

The following points can be used as a guide: Describe the project and the work it undertakes; Describe how the project has grown/succeeded/expanded in the past year
Describe the directly involved workforce; Contract and service control: What methods are employed in the contract cost control; construction site operatives control; contract programme (or progress) control method; services operatives control; site health and safety etc; Detailed case studies of one or more key contracts undertaken in the past year; Addition information e.g. internal quality audits, inspection & testing etc.

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