In 2004, Alan Barber founded Heatlink Technical Solutions with the very purpose of creating a company that had customer service at its heart. He had a vision of manufacturing bespoke HIUs rather than off the shelf standard models so that he could always give customers a solution that met their every need. Having worked in the industry for more than 35 years, he’s built up a wealth of technical expertise through invaluable hands on experience.

It’s not just Alan’s great knowledge, though, that’s made the business successful. As Heatlink’s Technical Director, it’s his customer centric approach that makes the real difference. He takes the time to listen to and understand customers and then gives them the most useful support, always considering their individual level of knowledge.

Alan doesn’t just support installers and engineers, he also deals with homeowners and has a policy of helping people anywhere along the line with their heating needs. In mid-2018 a prime example of this happened. Not only was Alan able to solve a seemingly difficult issue with great ease, but it also saved the end user lots of time and money.

Alan received a phone call from an irate homeowner in Croydon. He was having issues with the operation of his heating and domestic hot water systems and he really needed advice. Before contacting Heatlink, he’d been dealing with a local plumber, but this hadn’t ended well. The plumber, who’d been very eager to charge for the visit, hadn’t been able to do anything to resolve the problem.

As Alan listened to the man, his immediate recommendation was to isolate and clean out the strainer. Alan’s vast experience of working with Heat Interface Units meant that he was very aware of how so many problems with such applications relate to dirt in the system. Following Alan’s guidance, the homeowner was able to sort the problem out himself, and it only took him about 10 minutes to complete. Alan had been absolutely right and it was indeed dirt in the system that was preventing water passing to his HIU.

This customer was thoroughly delighted that one quick phone call and about 10 minutes’ work solved what could have been a very costly problem. Alan sees it all as part of his job, and he was more than happy to help, but to the many people that Alan offers uncompromised support to, they end up with far more than just great advice.

Following many similar queries that Heatlink has had, the company has now decided to include the new innovative MAGNOM H2O in each of its Heat Interface Units. This simple product eradicates magnetite from passing into control valves, pumps and heat exchangers and will prevent issues like those that the man from Croydon had from ever happening again in the future.

Heatlink was founded to offer customers exactly what they need, and these ethics run through the company just as strongly today.