Emily Naylor – Tenmat Limited

Tenmat have a policy of recruiting a number local young people, many to work in our customer service dept, experience has taught us that the vast majority of these younger people need a great deal of training and mentoring before they become a valuable asset to our customers, Emily Naylor has proven to be a great exception to this generalisation.

Emily started with Tenmat in October 2017 as an internal sales trainee, however it was quickly obvious that her talents would not keep her in a trainee role for long, and she was very soon dealing with the customers directly and it is fair to say that she has become highly respected and adored by both those who work with her and her customers.

Excellent customer service at Tenmat does not just require a good level of communication with customers but also a sound technical knowledge of ,not just the products, but also the complex testing and assessments which back up these products. This is especially true of the ventilation fire protection products which Emily handles.

Whilst not having a technical background, Emily quickly soaked up all of the technical details of both the products and testing and has a unique ability to take a complex issue and convert it into a simple format that her customers can understand and therefore make a difficult and complex decision much simpler.

Emily now regularly visits customers, at their request, and provides product training and installation advice both at customers premises and on-site and the customers enjoy her “down to earth” approach as well as her friendly demeaner, especially when they are in big trouble and up against a dead line, they call Emily.

In addition to working closely with her customers, Emily has also been solely responsible for the creation of a BIM library for all of our ventilation products, this just helps to show how she fully understands to products and how they are correctly installed.


In addition, Emily has created customer questionnaire sheets for each product which allows customers to quickly select the correct product for their specific application.

In terms of internal improvement, Emily brings back many ideas from her customers as to how the service can be improved and uses her internal management skills to fit the desires of the customers into practical changes which the company can make, this is a valuable skill, and very unusual in one so young.

For the future, Emily’s skills with customers will be extended and she will be spending even more time rolling out CPD presentations and installation training for all customers.

In summary Emily has a rare combination of inter personnel skills, friendly and outgoing nature combined with a degree of technical and product knowledge which make her a great asset for our customers and ideal candidate for the award.