New! Indoor Air Quality Initiative Of The Year

Initiative Name: Airow 3

Company: Tadiran International

Date of Launch: 23rd February 2023

Supporting Statement

Tadiran International have developed a device that can be installed in minutes to any new or existing wall mounted AC unit to turn it in to an Air Purifier as well.
This small but mighty device prevents Mould within the unit and eliminates Bacteria and Viruses including Covid-19.

The Airow 3 produces Hydrogen Peroxides which clean the inside of the unit but also using the airflow from the AC unit disperse themselves around the room to neutralise contaminants wherever they are and at their source.

Testing has been carried out in all the usual testing labs in the US but the technology has also been tested at Campden BRI here in the UK as well.

They have also carried out a first of its kind, real world test in a populated movie theatre and proved up to 90% reduction in Mould and Bacteria.

Entry ID: 5879

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