Titon – Launch of ‘Cleaner and Greener’ Scheme


Titon has recently launched its internal ‘Cleaner and Greener’ scheme within its Sales and Marketing Division in Colchester and Factory in Haverhill. This is an employee-led initiative within the business to encourage more environmentally friendly actions by employees and the Company.

Titon has supported the following initiatives which contribute to the new scheme:

Clean Air Day: Staff pledged to make changes in everyday life to protect the health, and their families’ health, from air pollution. A number of staff changed their routes to work, cycled, car shared or walked in. Others increased their recycling efforts at home and passed on the Clean Air message. Prior to this campaign, Titon had promoted via message boards and emails to notify staff and point out various carbon emission that they/we all contribute to, and how a little education can go a long way to stop this.

Personal Bin Removal & Increased Recycling: Titon has always operated a recycling procedure but never before had they managed to breakdown all waste. Personal and main waste bins were removed and in came recycling receptacles for plastics, cans, paper, food waste, coffee pods and more. By physically moving individual bins away from staff and encouraging them to think about where their waste goes, this allowed Titon to contribute to its own carbon wastage, but also help educate staff more.

LED Lighting: With LED lights being up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent lights, the introduction of LED lighting allowed Titon to control its energy consumption at its factory in Haverhill.

Company Cars: Due to the issue with NO2 and the pollutants that diesel can do to surrounding areas, Titon will look to change its sales team fleet to Petrol and Hybrid options when the next upgrades occur.

Staggered Leaving Times: Titon’s Sales and Marketing Division in Colchester is located on a busy business estate. A peak times, idling is quite intense and generates lot of air pollution. After an initial trial period almost a year ago, Titon decided to stagger the leaving time to allow staff to vacate the area before the rush to enable less idling time on the business estate.

Quarterly Newsletter: This is now issued with statistics to help staff understand the issues around them. A review of current actions by the company and regular meetings with the steering groups allow everyone to have their say.

Finally, Titon is ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited and has always been very conscious about the quality and environmental aspects of the business. By introducing the new ‘Cleaner and Greener’ scheme it enables staff to make their own impact on how the company operates within the working environment. Staff can now be empowered and work to create a healthier, cleaner and greener environment for all.