We have been providing energy efficient heating & ventilation solutions to the UK since 1993.

Throughout the years of our operation, we have introduced a range of solutions that aim to optimize indoor environment; we have supplied more than:
– 70,000 Danfoss FlatStation HIUs (since 2006)
– 1000 EC Power LoadTracker CHPs (since 2009)
– 65,000 heat meters (since 2006)
– 700 AirMaster MVHR units (Since 2012)
– 14,000 Pt40 hydronic balancing TRV sets (since 2016)

But these are only the numbers; our end-to-end approach is what makes us stand out; from design stage, through delivery to operation.

We take pride that no matter which department or team you are dealing with, there is always a person to speak to you. Because at the end of the day, it all starts with people – the right people, with the right attitude and the right energy.


Everything we do, we do with passion – energy – enthusiasm.
Challenging since the beginning, we aim to find answers before others even ask the question, and we’re constantly pushing the industry and demanding better standards, solutions and products. Often going against conventional methods, we don’t we give up until we find the best solutions.

Our commitment to partnering is at the heart of our business philosophy and has proven to be the key to successful project delivery.

Realizing the needs of the market and the personal interaction, we have offices across the UK with working versions of our low carbon technology products that everyone is encouraged to visit and see.

Recently, our Edinburgh office hosted the talks between the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, and Danish companies exporting energy efficient solutions to the UK, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Denmark and Scotland to decarbonize heat.


We have spent years learning from mature markets, acquiring skills, experience and know-how, which has put us where we are today; we have a wealth of knowledge and feel a great responsibility to share it and educate those around us.

We take a pro-active role in the production and dissemination of education materials:

  • White papers and discussion documents
    We have produced several documents addressing key issues, taking a stance to raise awareness of challenges and solutions.

    For example, in 2012 we published the ‘70/40 Delta T Design Guide’, which is widely used by heat network design engineers across the industry. Earlier this year we published ‘A Strategic Review of 4G Heat Networks in the UK’ a discussion document for the future of heat networks in the UK.

  • Technical bulletins and editorials
    For over a decade we have been producing technical bulletins (47 to date) on a range of subjects; from optimisation of SAP/SBEM CHP calculations, through to optimisation of IAQ using demand-controlled heat recovery ventilation.

    In parallel, we have contributed a wide range of feature articles for the building services press, supporting our commitment to education.

  • CPD courses
    We are currently running a range of CIBSE accredited CPD courses, which are continually updated to reflect changes in the industry and are delivered free of charge.
  • On-site Training
    Our engineers attend sites to carry out installer training – for example on installation of heat interface units. Support is also provided during and after commissioning.
  • Fact finding visits
    As part of our low carbon education programme, we organise frequent trips for specifiers, installers and developers to technology centres and successfully operated low temperature heat networks in other countries to inspire application in the UK.


Collaboration is the very foundation of our business. It’s what we do, and how we seek out the best partners and products to team up and develop, creating even better systems and smarter solutions.

For example, in 2016 SAV and its manufacturing partner Danfoss entered a unique collaboration with the mechanical and electrical contractor JS Wright. This was initiated to enhance the building design process, product development, application and support.

This initiative builds on a longer-term relationship between the two companies that has seen SAV voted Manufacturer of the Year by JS Wright for three years running.

This is one example of how we bridge the gap between engineer and consultant, between customer and manufacturer – between challenge and solution. We collaborate with a nationwide industry, to work towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Design support and customisation

We get involved from the earliest stages of a project and work alongside other organisations to facilitate smooth delivery and operation.

This approach continuously develops new insights which improve future projects. Where necessary, we will modify standard products to meet specific requirements and reduce onsite installation time.

In order to maintain our high customer service levels while managing rapid growth, we have recently acquired larger warehouse and assembly facilities.

After care

Our involvement does not end when a project is commissioned and handed over. We continue to advise customers and address any post-commissioning issues promptly. They need to know they can count on us to be there – before, during and after the project is done.


With trust being one of the most important parts of our business, with people relying on us to advise them and guide them in areas where they are otherwise unsure,
we have taken the concept of distribution to new levels, going far beyond the necessity to simply move products from a to b. We have proved particularly adept at understanding the challenges faced by the industry, exploring potential solutions and sharing knowledge. Because we are here for the long term.

In doing so, we have made a long-term investment in education, we build partnerships and collaborations – relationships made to last. This approach has led us to the finals of the Surrey Super Growth Awards for the third year running, as the 4th fastest growing company in Surrey in 2018, recognised for driving rising demand, increasing employment and generating wealth and prosperity across the region.