Rob has been part of the customer service team at Baxi Heating for just under a year, during which time he has shown dedication, expertise and passion, and has been a positive influence on all those around him.

Rob’s role was initially as customer service advisor for Remeha, a Baxi Heating company. However, in the last few months he has taken the initiative to answer calls for Baxi Heating’s other two commercial brands – Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial. In his role, Rob is responsible for processing product orders and arranging deliveries. Customer orders are received and we work closely with our couriers and warehouse to make sure that products are delivered to customers as and when required.

This is a complex role where difficult issues can arise frequently and it therefore requires someone who is committed to finding the best outcome every time. Rob regularly goes the extra mile to make sure every customer is happy. He often stays late to make sure all ordered have been processed and deliveries have been made. Sometimes couriers can miss deliveries or there’s been an issue and a product hasn’t left the warehouse on time. Rob has always ensured every issue has been resolved at the end of each day.

Recently Baxi Heating implemented a new computer system for processing orders. Rob has worked over tirelessly to ensure all information carried over to the new system is correct and that there is no impact on our customers. He is friendly and helpful to all customers and staff he comes into contact with.

Rob has taken control of one of our key accounts – after many issues with their deliveries, he has completely turned this around for them. He communicates with them on a daily basis and makes sure they are treated as high priority. The customer service team work closely with Baxi Heating’s sales representatives.

Recently Rob received a special mention in Baxi Heating’s internal good news report for his hard work and dedication to customers who had fed back their positive comments about Rob to their local sales representative.

Customer service is all about people and the best advisors are those that really care about the customers they’re speaking to. Rob is focused on building a rapport with our customers, showing them care and attention, and ultimately making their working lives just that little bit easier.