Peter Dempsey is employed as a Technical, Training & Support Engineer permanently based at EOGB’s facility in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and has been with the company for 12 years.

Peter has been nominated in recognition of his hard work, ‘can-do’ attitude and the outstanding and personable service he provides to customers on a daily basis. He excels within this role because he has the ability to learn very quickly and visualise challenging scenarios, often with very limited information. He will always go the extra mile and is regularly on the phone for over an hour (often when everyone else has gone home) to ensure engineers are not left high and dry with a challenging situation onsite.

Customers frequently say that he makes all the difference, often asking to speak to him personally when they call EOGB. He makes time for everyone, whatever the situation, and will always do his best to solve any issues they have.

Peter always goes the extra mile and there are numerous times when he has demonstrated this.


“Peter Dempsey is a great asset to EOGB. Not only does he show his value of knowledge and expertise through the company, but also provides a great technical background and customer service in addition to this, which works well for merchants like ourselves to help our end clients obtain repeat business. After dealing with Peter for many years, it is always a breath of fresh air as we tend not to see the same service and knowledge from their competitors”

“We have always found Peter to be knowledgeable, helpful, polite and quick to respond. Whether it has been specifying a suitable product for a bespoke project or after sales support for an existing appliance he has provided professional product support from start to finish. We are always happy to recommend EOGB to customers and they always comment on the detail and time Peter puts in to each enquiry to make sure the engineer is fully satisfied”.

“I have always found Peter to be most helpful and the level of service I personally have received is second to none, he is always happy to help and the speed of reply and quality of reply for which we rely upon for our customers is as good as we will find within our industry – he is a credit to the company.”

“We would like to thank Peter Dempsey for doing such a great job.  We have always found him to be easy to talk to and helpful, he is extremely knowledgeable and replies immediately to our enquiries – making us look good to our customers! Peter promotes knowledge within the company, ensuring the strength and flexibility of EOGB, in turn, improving our experience as a customer.”