Peter Dempsey – EGOB Energy Products Ltd


Peter Dempsey is employed as Technical, Training & Service Support at burner manufacturer and distributor EOGB Energy Products Ltd based in Cambridgeshire. 

EOGB would like to nominate Peter for consideration for the 2019 Customer Service Person of the Year Award in recognition of his continued dedication to the company, and more importantly, its customers. 


Peter Dempsey spends every minute of his working day bettering the experience of EOGB’s clientele. Ready to answer any phone call, his knowledge is impressive and constantly expanding. In his own time, he collects rare manufacturer’s manuals and generally makes it his business to maintain a varied, vast and up to date knowledge of the industry and its products. He truly deserves this award, for the enthusiasm and passion he has for providing the best service for all EOGB customers in a technical support and training capacity.    

Starting out in the Industry

Before beginning his career with EOGB, Peter worked as an Estate Agent where he had already shown evidence of his impeccable talent for absorbing product knowledge and sharing that knowledge in a relevant and accessible way. When Peter first started at EOGB he worked in the warehouse, where he was responsible for routine jobs such as picking and packing orders, goods in/out and returns.

Eager to expand his technical knowledge, Peter accepted an opportunity to move into the production department about a year later. During this time, he played a vital role in building thousands of EOGB X Series burners and modified hundreds of Baltur commercial burners. This experience provided Peter with the foundation for the impressive product knowledge he has today – the very same knowledge that helps thousands of engineers and technicians every year. It was also clear from Peter’s work at this time that his desire to learn more was born out of genuine enthusiasm for customer service, in the sense that he was always eager to share his knowledge with others and aid any project or job.  

Peter was then promoted to Production Coordinator, in which he was responsible for ensuring that all the parts required to build a burner were available to the production line – once again working hard to provide customers with the best and most efficient experience with EOGB. Peter also became responsible for all burner returns, testing, inspecting and giving a full report on any findings – working in this role really helped him to develop the impressive fault finding abilities that he now uses every day to aid EOGB customers. In his own words, “I was able to bring a lot of product knowledge to our customers and instantly know what spare part they required or identify the part that they were trying to explain.”

With EOGB’s keen focus on bespoke burner modification projects, Peter is the first point of contact and he spends his time researching solutions, developing specifications and providing quotes for said specialist projects. As briefly mentioned, he also leads the practical element of EOGB’s training courses in both domestic and commercial oil. Going above and beyond sharing his knowledge via phone call and via practical training, Peter also creates the extremely popular fault-finding videos on the company’s YouTube channel – further aiding those who benefit from visual help. Whilst he plans to leave the office at 4:30 each day, Peter never hesitates to work longer hours when a site critically needs its burners to work and has been known to stay in the office till the evening hours to ensure that an engineer is never left high and dry.      

“The best part of my job is resolving any technical issue, whether it is over the phone or in production. I enjoy getting to the root of a problem when something doesn’t work or is not functioning properly and getting it to work again. It always gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my own technical knowledge has helped someone else.”       

Peter has now been in the technical team for over 10 years and continues to use all of his varied experience with the company to provide truly outstanding support to engineers, site managers and homeowners.



“Peter is dedicated to EOGB and his customer service is second to none. Without any hesitation, he will go to the next level to solve a customer’s problem over the phone. Thousands of engineers and technicians have relied on Peter for fault finding, and identifying obscure and obsolete parts. I specifically remember one customer contacting us to say how great Peter was after helping fix their burner after a number of engineers on site couldn’t get it working. He is a credit to EOGB, and long may he continue to support the existing and upcoming products. 

Phil Pett, Sales Director at EOGB

“I have worked with Peter since he started with EOGB back in 2004, and in the last 15 years I have watched him grow into the lovely man he is today. He is well-liked in the company and always there to help anyone.”

Kerry Hughes, Financial Director at EOGB

“Having only been with the company a few months, I have had not had the pleasure of working with Peter for very long. However, it was instantly clear to me that this is a man who does not forget his work after the working day is done. His skill set is varied – providing impeccable technical support, delivering clear and informed training and even using his fantastic photography skills to support the marketing team. I have been told by many of our colleagues that his technical knowledge allows him to almost be ‘in the room’ with our customers, in the sense that he can visualise most products and provide the best support possible in almost any situation.”

Payge Temple, Marketing Executive at EOGB

Peter at the EOGB Christmas Party in 2006 – a real blast from the past!

(Left-Right) Reece and Peter suited and booted at the HVR Awards 2016.

Peter’s most recent staff photo.