Paul Wightman has held the role of Technical Specifications Manager at Albion Valves for over three years. This non-sales role allows Paul to be 100% focused on customer support, ensuring that the right and best product for the job is specified, and that customers are always informed, assured and confident of their selection.

Paul’s wealth of product and technical knowledge is a huge asset in this role. Both customers and the Albion team have come to rely on his expertise, and he is often asked for comment about technical issues in the HVAC media. Paul’s active participation in strategic HVAC industry steering committees, such as the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) means he is always ahead of the game in new technologies, and can readily pass on new sector developments to customers.

Paul provides customer service predominantly to the end user specifically by providing training, supporting specification and advising best practice for installation. However, Paul’s relationships with customers goes beyond this as he will go back to assess installations long after the valve has been fitted to ensure the successful longevity of the project. Paul takes a truly pragmatic, cradle to the grave approach – assisting customers from the very first system design sketch, through to the final valve being fitted, and then long after project completion when he is often called upon to trouble shoot.

Paul has great empathy with customers and having worked in the building services industry for over 16 years truly understands their issues and works in partnership with them to find solutions. Paul is passionate about educating the industry and ‘demystifying’ the perceived complicated technologies, making them much more understandable and accessible for heating engineers.

Paul designed an industry guide known as ExpertEase, which was distributed to 10,000 people in the industry including engineers and consultants. The guide was designed to be a jargon buster for hydronic balancing applications.

Paul is very proactive and ensures people are using the best practices and are getting the most efficient systems. On many occasions to ensure budgets are adhered to, Paul works with customers to retrofit their existing systems to make them more efficient through the use of hydronic balancing.

This is what our customers have told us about Paul:

“Paul has assisted us on countless occasions to offer expert technical advice enabling us to ensure our end client gets peace of mind with solutions that work. He recently provided a technical appraisal of valve selection at Project Memphis giving the customer a cost saving solution and ultimate convenience” – Selwyn McIntyre, Brymec

“We have dealt with Paul on several occasions to aid our selection of control valves for both LTHW and CHW systems. On each occasion we have found his approach to and knowledge on the correct valve selection to be extremely useful. His response to and turnaround in producing a full valve selection chart along with a quotation has always been within the agreed timescales.” Robin Taylor, EMEC

“I was introduced to Paul a number of years ago when I inherited a project with a very complex hydraulic control issue which was causing me sleepless nights! Paul worked tirelessly with me until my problem was resolved which is a great quality of his and why he is so well respected in the industry. What I like most about Paul is he always has time to offer his expertise and knowledge no matter how large or small the issue or project. Paul will always be my ‘go to’ contact for specialist hydraulic controls advice.” Justin Thompson, WSP.