Lewis joined Hargreaves four years ago as an apprentice. He completed his City and Guilds 6 months early, achieving the highest grade possible Extended Diploma in Fabrication and Welding. After showing an aptitude for leadership and an interest in engineering and project management, Lewis accepted a job offer this year to become a trainee engineer. While some might see this change of environment as daunting, or as a culture shock, Lewis has moved comfortably into the role immediately integrating and proving himself as a valued member of the team.


Lewis’s unique experience of working in the manufacturing and office environments have allowed him a clearer perspective of the overall business processes, understanding work flow and inter-dependencies. Lewis has proven his maturity by accepting the challenge of learning a completely different side of the business and the skills involved with a gracious ease. Despite being new to the role he has already began accepting increased responsibility, learning how to accurately estimate and produce workflows to meet key targets.

Lewis has shown excellence through all areas of his work at Hargreaves, from his professional and enthusiastic demeanour to his clear talent at all tasks relating to his job. He has utilised his knowledge gained from 3 years in the manufacturing department, offering insight on the environment, building communication links and cross-functional relationships between key decision makers in the business.

He is consistently hard working, as shown by his numerous extra-curricular activities. He is currently studying not one but two Level 4 courses at once, his HNC Mechanical Engineering and NVQ in Business improvement techniques. He is a member of the Value Stream Mapping Team for the manufacturing/production department; team leader of the Engineering Young Talent Programme (EYTP) apprentices; key member of the EYTP, contributing to every event and supporting projects in schools.

Lewis’s enthusiasm about the benefits of apprenticeships is contagious, he clearly outlines the training possibilities and career development opportunities available, showing students that they can earn while they learn without sacrificing their qualifications. Throughout his apprenticeship he has shown a willingness to go above and beyond what was expected of him, happily working unsociable hours and extra shifts to ensure projects are completed within their timeframes. Lewis is an intuitive learner, exploring different processes to deliver excellent results. Never shy to ask questions, he absorbs information and assists his peers by offering friendly and helpful advice.

Lewis is a natural leader with excellent communication skills which have helped him to gain a quick understanding of his new role as a Trainee Project Engineer. He understands the importance of regular dialogue with different departments and an empathic nature in order for successful project delivery. While only 2 years into his apprenticeship Lewis was asked to deliver a presentation to industry experts at a board in London with Hargreaves’ Managing Director. Lewis enthusiastically accepted this invitation, successfully delivering a presentation which went on to win Hargreaves a national award.

Similarly, last year, ITV contacted Hargreaves asking for apprentices who would be willing to speak on camera about the benefits of apprenticeships and why they had chosen their career path. Lewis’ interview was shown on the local news to over 10,000 viewers. Lewis is an asset to the company and a testament to Hargreaves’ training programme, which allows staff to develop new or existing skills. His enthusiasm and hard work will see him go far at Hargreaves, adding value to our industry and serving as an inspiration for all young engineers.