Justin is an incredible young man, now thirty he has been in the industry for just over 10-years and refrigeration air condition runs through him like the writing through a stick of rock.

Justin sadly lost his father (who was a design engineer) to cancer when he was just nine, and he has made it is life’s work to become a design engineer his father would be proud of, and I can safety confirm he has done just that. Those who meet him won’t believe he is only thirty, he has a vast industry knowledge and a kind, reassuring way with people that normally is only found in people much older.

He is always striving to better himself, improve his understanding and prides himself in sharing and cascading any newly acquired knowledge to anyone who could benefit from it, he sees knowledge as a tool which benefits all, [customers and colleagues alike], which is refreshing as too often many senior industry individuals see earned knowledge as something which should be used to only to benefit themselves.

He never uses his broad industry knowledge to gain commercial gain over his clients, if there is a better, greener, smarter way to achieve something he will always share this, his customers and the environment always come first, and his clients love him for his honesty and professionalism.

In ten years, Justin has climbed the ranks of the industry starting as a mere junior installation engineer, to a senior installation engineer and is now senior project design engineer for Cool-Therm overseeing the design, installation, and commissioning of tens of megawatts of DX and chilled water cooling and heating each year. Many of the UK’s biggest ‘blue-chip’ companies are dependent on Justin and the team he leads to keep their business wheels moving, however if a client at the polar opposite end of the economic spectrum needs Justin’s services he makes no distinction between them, they all receive the same exacting level of customer service.

What makes Justin so special is the way he is with the clients, very attentive and listens to their needs, and has a rare quality of being able to educate them when they are wrong without being condescending, and the most important thing is he cares about the service they receive before, during, and post project.

“If his phone rings years after the completion of a project at nine ‘o’clock in the evening he will take the clients call, he is never off duty”.

He is not only a credit to us at Cool-Therm he is a credit to the industry, it is people like Justin that make me proud to be a refrigeration engineer.