After careful consideration, the organisers of the HVR Awards have decided to grant an additional extension to the entry period for this year’s scheme. Companies and professionals operating in the heating and ventilating sector will can now submit their entries before 12.00pm on the extended date of Friday 21 August.

The HVR Awards team recognises that the past few months may have been particularly difficult for many businesses, and as such time and resources for completing their submissions will not have been available.

With an additional four weeks, the organisers hope that the businesses that are deserving of their moment in the spotlight will have the opportunity to finesses their applications and put themselves in with a chance to win at the HVR Awards 2020.

Recognising companies’ exceptional efforts

As well as extending the entry deadline, the HVR Awards team has revamped one of this year’s categories – HVAC Initiative of the Year – to recognise the companies the companies that have been active in the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The HVAC Initiative of the Year category is now open to submissions from both companies with the most pioneering ideas and those that have adapted their businesses to assist with HVAC initiatives to fight the ongoing pandemic.

How to enter

As always, entering the HVR Awards is quick, easy and free. Those that wish to be in the running simply need to check out the expertly curated categories to identify their prime opportunity to shine, put together a short supporting statement and gather any documentation to support their application and submit it all via the HVR Awards online entry portal.

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