In her role as Operations Support Manager, Celia is responsible for some of Toshiba’s biggest customers.Celia2

A personal testimonial continues…

“During a lifetime of service, one thing has remained constant: Celia leaves an indelible impression on every customer with whom she has contact.

“Having worked with her for more than 13 years, I can testify to the extraordinary commitment, care, energy and passion that Celia brings to everything she does. In all her dealings with customers, which can amount to dozens – and on occasion hundreds -­   of individual contacts each day, Celia brings her unique style; warmth and can-do approach. Her ability to win people over and transform commercial contacts into strong and lasting business relationships means she is an asset to our business.

“Celia is not only excellent with external customers; she is also brilliant with internal ones. As the company changes and expands, new people come on board and everyone goes to Celia as first point of contact – as they know she will be only too happy to assist.

“Whenever we look to change something or launch a new scheme, we can rely on Celia to look at the proposals from a customer’s perspective and ensure that what we are proposing works for them as well as the company.

“A recent customer satisfaction survey asked people to identify the best things about dealing with Toshiba. A high percentage of customers simply wrote “Celia”. From a business perspective, she is literally worth her weight in gold. As Celia nears retirement this summer after a lifetime of going the extra mile and making a massive difference, it would be fitting for her to receive this award.”